Kashan Baig
Kashan BaigDeployment Engineer
at SMSAMI Inc.

Professional Info

E-mail: kashan@smsami.com
Contact No. +92 332 9552582
Department: Deployment Engineering
Experience: 6 Months
Academics: Bachelor’s – Computer Science (BCS)

Kashan Baig is working as a Deployment Engineer at SMSAMI organization since Aug, 2020. Under his services the Organization became more and more updated and cover the steps of success. Also help the company to achieve the goals by providing his skills and expertise.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Performance Management – Monitor and tune system to achieve optimum performance levels, and provide reports to support metrics collection.
  • Develop, maintain and provide technical expertise in order to transfer knowledge, information to clients and service providers.
  • Continuously develop/improve working practises and tools to achieve high levels of agility without compromising quality.
  • Work with development and product management teams to transition and operate cloud based workloads.