Iqra Shafiq
Iqra ShafiqUI/UX Designer
at SMSAMI Inc.

Professional Info

Department: UI/UX Designing
Experience: 1+ Years
Academics: Bachelor’s – Computer Science

Iqra Shafiq is a graphic designer by profession, currently working as UI/UX designer at SMSAMI Inc. She is a highly motivated professional who is in constant pursuit of utilizing her potential to the best of her abilities. She loves to combine art and tech to mark an impactful impression. She sums up herself as a person who aims to “Design your dreams”.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Providing advice and guidance on the implementation of UX research methodologies and testing activities in order to analyze and predict user behavior.
  • Creation of design ideas, prototypes, flow diagram, mockups and UI screens.
  • Design wireframes and user flows based on user needs.
  • Identify design problems car ceramic coating in California on and devise elegant solutions.
  • Create wireframing for multiple projects.